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Gradient Milk Cotton Wool Hand-knitted Medium Thick Yarn

Gradient Milk Cotton Wool Hand-knitted Medium Thick Yarn

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Made of high quality cotton, soft and comfortable to wear.
Multiple colors, so that you can have a lot of choice.
Used to knit scarf, sweater, coat, hat, etc.

Product information:

Yarn count: 10s
Strand: 8
Twist: regular
Spinning process: worsted
Yarn form: Ball yarn
Main uses: knitting, hand knitting, weaving
Color: 01 peach powder, 02 pineapple yellow, 03 fresh grass green, 04 blue lake blue, 05 sea sky color, 06 lilac purple, 07 gradual gray, 08 red black flower, 09 orange yellow flower, 10 colorful flower, 11 white gray flower, 12 pink white flower, 13 orchid flower, 14 gray white segment, 15 white purple flower, 16 gray red flower, 17 dark gray white segment, 18 blue gray segment, 19 lotus root purple, 20 dark pink flower, 21 Khaki flower, 22 dark coffee segment, 23 medium gray segment

Package Content:

A roll of wool

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